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Karin Nasiri, Adv. specializes in legal consulting for local authorities, tender law, contracts, legislative drafting and municipal law. Providing legal service to local authorities, public bodies and companies interested in obtaining service. A fast and professional person, including moving efficient processes with the various government offices while meeting the authority's goals.

Attorney and Legal Counsel - Ramat Negev Regional Council. Worked with the council's CEO, the treasurer of the council, and the various divisional directors.


Tender Law: writing tenders for the Authority, including BOT tenders in the following areas: Environment, Infrastructure, Construction, and Services. Also, writing opinions and protocols for tenders committees regarding the various bidders' service, compliance with threshold conditions, qualifying threshold conditions, responses to administrative petitions in the courts, support of the tender committee and opinions on the composition of the committee, quorum, drafting of protocols and various issues as a result of ongoing activities in the committees and committees.
Planning and Construction Law: writing opinions, appeals to the National Planning and Building Council and District Planning and Building Committees, Summaries in Indictments.

Municipal Law: Provides legal advice to the head of the authority, guidance and drafting for the local authority in various contracts relating to the judicial activity of the authority, including activity with environmental departments in the authorities, activity with the Tamar corporation, guidance of the authority in drafting contracts according to planning stages and milestones with consultants, engineers, planners, architects, project managers, etc.
Opinion Law on Business Licensing Law, Municipal Property Laws, Filing Exceptional Duties (Municipal Taxes), Ongoing activities with the Ministry of the Interior.

Opinions on conflicts of interest of elected officials and civil servants, including ongoing activities with the Ministry of the Interior to review appointments, administrative fines, and the engineering department on various issues.

Writing By-Laws: Responsible for drafting legislation, explanatory notes, plenary decisions, professional accompaniment with professional advisors, approval of calculators for writing by-laws. In this area, I worked to draft a by-law on the collection of fees for business waste - an innovative by-law.

Opinions on conflicts of interest of elected officials and civil servants, Writing bylaws to the Authority, Accompaniment on administrative fines, Accompaniment of the Engineering Department on various questions and Writing various opinions on municipal issues arising from the regular activities of local authorities and the like.

Real Estate Law: Accompanying sale transactions, various contracts regarding the development of the local authority in the field of real estate law.

Attorney and Legal Counsel for the Yoav Regional Council. Ongoing work with the PA treasurer, and director of the Environmental Unit Division for the purpose of escorting the authority and drafting bylaws, ongoing activities with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice until the various laws are published in the records.

Lawyer and Legal Advisor for the Economic Park Management Company in Kiryat Gat. Working jointly with the Company's CEO and the Company's VP in various matters arising from the Company's day-to-day activities, including writing, publishing and accompanying the Company in all the various tender procedures required at the Industrial Park in the areas of infrastructure, construction, services and the like.

Lawyer and Legal Advisor for the Economic Society for the Development of Ramat Negev. Ongoing work with the CEO of the company and legal support for various projects underway in the company and in particular agreements with the Administration.



Netanya Academic College School of Law (2005)

Hebrew University (BA, 2002)


Israel Bar Association

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