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Kristaps Dzonsons is a computer science expert with deep knowledge and experience in anything computing. His specialty is distributed computing systems and high performance simulation, visualization and analytical systems. He is also a frequent contributor to open source projects.



  • k-Consulting. Consulting in computational mathematics including high-performance simulation and classical mathematics, research engineering, complex visualisations, and experimental environments. 

  • Stockholm School of Economics. Research assistant to Professor Jörgen Weibull at the Department of Economics developing game-theoretic algorithms and systems. 

  • Google Summer of Code. Google Summer of Code internship mentored by the NetBSD Project. The project mission was to implement a PostScript (and PDF) driver for mandoc. 

  • Royal Institute of Technology. Researching BalticGrid and BalticGrid-II (both EU projects, now defunct) parallel applications and infrastructure at the PDC Centre for High-Performance Computing. High-speed operating environment research and development.

  • University of Latvia. Research and development of parallel applications for BalticGrid and the University of Latvia at the Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science, primarily in the field of distributed computing. Led seminars and classes in systems and concurrency.

  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Development of type-indistinct data access framework at the Department of Energy's Computer Incident Advisory Capability (CIAC, now renamed and relocated). Initially a DOE-ISCR internship (UC/Department of Energy).

  • Gradient Enterprises, Inc. Development of distributed, fault tolerant system for network-mapped memory (Network Intelligent Autonomous Defence), primarily based on distributed system and artificial intelligence theories.



University of Rochester (BA, BS, 2004)

KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Doctoral Student)



  • Structural Instability in Market-based, Mixed-economy Scheduling Games

  • Practical UNIX Documentation: mdoc

  • Condorcet Jury Game Dynamic Programming

  • Generating Best-reply Pure-strategy Graphs

  • Generating Minimal Weak CURB Sets

  • Fixating on a Standard Language for UNIX Manuals

  • Resource Allocation on the BalticGrid

  • Breaking the Bank: Tycoon and Capital Integrity


  • Secure CGI Web Applications in C on the BSDs

  • kcgi: Securing CGI Web Applications

  • Bugs Ex Ante

  • Extensive Form Game Reduction: Efficient?

  • Fundamentals of High-Performance Computing

  • How the Cart Came to Draw the Ox: the Roff Tradition and Mandoc

  • A Survey of Practical Virtualisation and Multiplicity

  • Deprecating groff for BSD manual display

  • Process Isolation for NetBSD and OpenBSD

  • Multiplicity via Isolation in OpenBSD-4.4

  • Logical Resource Isolation for the NetBSD Kernel

  • Introduction to the Dark Arts

  • A Gentle Introduction to Concurrent Computing

  • UNIX Systems Programming

  • A System for Explicit Predicate Distribution in Prolog Systems

  • Prolog-MPI

  • Writing Cross-Platform File-Systems for BSD UNIX

  • sysjail: a User-land Virtualisation SystemProlog and MPI Integration for Linguistic Applications

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